For the emergency care of burns and scalds. A Sterile, Hydrogel product which provides the essential physical protection against burns.
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First Aid

All purpose range of First Aid & Trauma Kits for Factories, Hotels, Sport, Retail, Medical Professional and Corporate branding.
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SunCare products with Tea Tree Oil endorsed by CANSA South Africa for SPF protection. Proud sponsor of IRONMAN South Africa.
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Comprehensive range of Sport Strapping, Tapes & Kits for Schools, Clubs, Physios, Universities & Professionals.
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A range of reliable & effective personal health and hygiene products.
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Navigating Burns: Causes, Symptoms, and First Aid Essentials

Welcome to our Burnshield blog, where we shed light on an everyday concern that can catch us off guard – burns. A burn is a type of injury that occurs when the skin or other tissues of the body are...

Hidden Dangers of Hot Water Bottles

When the temperatures drop and chilly nights set in, many of us turn to all types of hot water bottles for comfort and warmth. These cozy companions have been around for centuries, providing a...

Radiation Burn

Radiation burn or radiation dermatitis is a common side effect of external beam radiation therapy to treat some forms of cancer. While it can be highly effective in destroying cancer cells,...

Old Wives’ Tales

Old wives' tales are traditional beliefs that have been passed down over generations, often without any scientific evidence to support them. When it comes to burn treatment, there are several old...

Burn Safety Activity Book

Welcome, friends! Did you know that every year, globally a total of 8,378,122 new cases of burns are identified? That’s a staggering number, and it’s why burn awareness is so important. Fortunately,...

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