Burning issues in the kitchen” is the theme for the 2022 National Burn Awareness Week. Majority of preventable burn injuries continue to occur in homes, where thousands of children every year experience scalds, fire-related injuries, and electrical burns. Many of these incidents might have been easily prevented by following and implementing some basic safety tips.

The average person suffers a minor burn or experiences a small fire once or twice in a lifetime. For most people, this makes the threat of a destructive fire seem unlikely and find themselves unprepared both physically and emotionally when a large fire does occur. In too many cases this lack of preparation causes panic, injury and death.

Preventing a burn injury is always better than the pain and trauma of medical treatment afterward. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @BurnshieldZA between 6 – 12 May where we will be focusing on preventative tips for burn injuries.

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