This Burn Awareness Week, we hope to have shared some valuable stats and tips to conquer Burning issues in the kitchen while cooking with care. Making provisions and having a “what if” plan is key to your and your loved ones safety. Kitchen fires can start house fires, and involve multiple victims. Preventing a burn injury is always better than the experiencing the pain and trauma afterward.

It is estimated that over a million South Africans are burned annually. While some burns are minor, others can be devastating causing permanent physical impairments, disfiguration, organ damage and death.


Between 6 – 12 May we blogged, and posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, numerous ways in which anyone can get burnt in the kitchen. We’ve also supplied numerous preventative measures as food for thought to ensure everyone’s safety.

Common causes of cooking burns:

  • Hot oil catches fire
  • Throwing accelerant on braai’s
  • Clothes catching fire while cooking
  • Spilling large saucepans of boiling water
  • Splash burns from boiling water, hot oil or fat


  • Install smoke detectors and link these to your armed response service provider
  • Buy a fire extinguisher from a reputable dealer and know how to use it and when to service it
  • Know who to phone in an emergency – have the numbers on speed dial and on the fridge
  • Have at least 2 exit routes to vacate the premises
  • Keep Burnshield nearby in your kitchen and braai area


We cannot stress how important it is to cool the burn. Skin continues to burn even after the heat source has been removed. Therefore, it needs immediate attention and the most vital action is to cool the burn. By giving immediate first aid you can lessen the severity of the burn as it can increase in size and depth as time goes on. Prompt medical attention to serious burns can help prevent scarring, disability, and deformity. Burnshield is most effective in the first 24 hours by providing physical protection against infection and minimises trauma and skin damage.


Burnshield’s versatile range of dressings, hydrogels and kits are suitable for every market, whether it’s for home personal use or industry. Wherever there is a possibility of a burn injury – Burnshield should be nearby.

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