🔥Dr Coffee NEW EPISODE!!🔥
Dr Coffee is proud to present this episode in collaboration with the Smile Foundation SA & Burnshield. The month of May has been marked as BURNS AWARENESS MONTH by the National Burns Association of South Africa (NBASA), with a key focus on this week 6th – 12th of May 2023. We were privileged and honoured to be invited to the Smile Foundation offices in Hyde park Johannesburg, to discuss Burns Awareness week, as well as the Smile Foundation Smile week occurring at the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital sponsored in part by Burnshield.

This is an incredible episode! We’re sure you’ll feel INSPIRED and EDUCATED by the conversation around BURNS and paediatric craniofacial surgery. If you’d like to find out more – hit the below LINK! Also available to listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts.


The Dr Coffee Podcast by Dr. Simon Fraser is rated top 3 on Apple podcast in South Africa medicine. A weekly blend of motivation, encouragement, education and insight into all things medicine for junior doctors and medical students in South Africa. His episodes feature specialist consultants sharing their journey in medicine and the decision algorithm that led to their chosen sub-specialty, and the perks, pitfalls and perils of practicing in our beautiful country. He also features topical episodes, special-interest stories, equipping to keep you going and help you be the best young medical professional you can be!

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