The 95th ultimate human race will take place this weekend, Sunday 28 August 2022. The legendary Comrades Marathon is the world’s oldest and largest Ultramarathon run between Durban and Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal. This year’s ‘down’ run will start in Pietermaritzburg, taking on the challenging ‘Big Five’ set of hills. Life is a marathon.

The camaraderie, courage and commitment, dedication, passion and perseverance is like no other. However, nothing kills a runner’s high faster than chafing. Whether it’s irritation from wet and scratchy clothing, or the steady friction of skin-against-skin, most runners pay the price of raw and irritated skin. In colder weather, chafing can be minimised by wearing snug clothing that covers areas vulnerable to friction and doesn’t shift while your body is in motion. But in the heat the best chafe-protector is a layer of lubricating balm like Aquashield Chafing Cream. 

Tips To Prevent Chafing

Chafing is a superficial abrasion and mechanical irritant dermatitis that occurs on skin due to prolonged rubbing. This friction occurs most in areas where skin touches skin, such as on the inner arms, thighs, or butt, or where clothing or running gear like hydration packs or heart rate monitors rub against skin. Water in the form of sweat and rain can make the situation even worse because that moisture changes the properties of skin cells and causes the surface to become more gelatinous as it becomes more hydrated, increasing the degree of friction when rubbed against clothing or adjacent skin. 

  • Wearing clothing that is not too loose or tight-fitting.
  • Do not wear cotton. Cotton fibres retain moisture and keep the skin wetter, thus increasing the coefficient of friction. 
  • Applying chafe-resistant Aquashield for helpful lubrication.
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Key Specs

  • Size: 50g
  • Fragranced: No
  • Notable Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Zinc Oxide, Silicone
  • Water resistant
  • Most effective when applied 30 min prior to activity
  • For external use only: Feet, inner thigh, groin, buttocks, elbow, and upper body.

This proudly South African product is manufactured by Burnshield in it’s world class factory in Johannesburg. Fragrance-free and enriched with tea tree oil, Aquashield shields your skin against friction and moisture (sweat, rain and water), and helps prevent blisters and chafing of sensitive areas during rigorous exercise. Recommended for all active sports including cycling, running, walking, hiking, and swimming. Wetsuit safe, so great for triathletes! Aquashield Chafing Cream is safe for all skin types and ages, including baby diaper rash.

Grab yours today at your nearest Clicks Pharmacy and Mr Price Sport

Aquashield-Life is a Marathon


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