Burnshield Contour Dressing 1m x 1m (40″x40″)


Corporate and own branding option available. A cotton dressing soaked in Burnshield sterile trauma hydrogel, supplied in a foil pouch. Burnshield can be used for minor burns and scalds. With its high water content, Burnshield Hydrogel cools and soothes by absorbing and dissipating heat which minimises skin damage. Burnshield Gel is a white to off-white gel which turns clear once applied. This allows for monitoring of wound progression. It is non-stick and will not adhere to the wound. It is non toxic and non irritant. Safe to use on Children.

  • Fibreless cotton
  • Comfort and conformity
  • Gel retention
  • Heat dissipation

This product is available in 8 standard languages. Two options, either: English, French, Dutch, German, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian

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Burnshield Contour Dressing

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