Corporate and own branding option available. Supplied in a variety of colours. Nylon Carry Pouch + Belt Attachment.
Product Code:
90mm x 70mm x 160mm

Contents include 44 Items:
x1 Burnshield Dressing 100mm x 100 mm
x3 Burnshield Hydrogel Sachet 3,5ml
x1 Solace SPF 30 Lip Ice
x1 Aquashield Chafing Cream
x1 Conform Bandage 75 mm
x2 FAD No. 2 (50 mm x 75 mm)
x1 FAD No. 3 (75 mm x 100 mm)
x1 FAD No. 5 (150mm x 200 mm)
x1 Triangular Bandage – Non Woven
x1 Progauze Swabs Non-Sterile (75 mm x 75 mm) 25’s
x10 Plaster strips
x3 Anchor Plasters
x1 Plastipore Plastic Tape (24mm x 5m)
x2 Pair of Gloves
x3 Cotton Buds
x1 Eye Pad Non Sterile
x1 Eye Shield
x1 First Aid Scissors
x1 Metal Forceps
x1 Safety Pins (12’s)
x1 CPR Mouthpiece
x3 Antiseptic Wipes
x1* Antiseptic Cream
x2 Insect Repellent Wipes
NB: Note the items with a * will be taken out when the kits are exported out of South Africa A minimum order of 18 items is required.


Classic Medi Kit

Storage Instructions

  • Store in a cool place.
  • Avoid excessive heat.

Suitable For

  • Domestic
  • Motor
  • Outdoor activities

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