Corporate and own branding option available. A medicine dropper is a medical device used to dispense liquid medicines in little quantities.

Product Code: MED.DROP
Barcode: 6007645001113
Sachet: 80mm x 5mm x 170mm

Content: Medicine Dropper 24 items per carton



Suitable For

All header card items contain a Euro-slot Hanging Tag which easily hang the products for display in:

      • Pharmacy
      • Retail
      • FMCG

How To Apply

  • Insert the Dropper into the liquid
  • Squeeze the bulb (rubber end) to expel air out of the pipette.
  • Submerge the tip of the pipette into the solution vertically
  • Slowly release the bulb to draw liquid into it, making sure that the solution does not overshoot into the bulb or else it may get contaminated
  • Release the rubber end to expel the liquid

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