Foam Base

The Foam Dressing is designed for optimal heat dissipation. It conforms to the wound area, and is made from a fibreless elastic open-cell foam sheeting.

Key Features:

  • Heat dissipation
  • Conforms to wound area
  • Fibreless elastic open-cell foam sheeting
  • Wound covering
  • Gel retention
  • burnshield-dressing-100x100-4"x4"

    Burnshield Dressing 100mm x 100mm (4″x4″)

  • burnshield-dressing-200x450

    Burnshield Dressing 200mm x 450mm (8″x18″)

  • Burnshield-Dressing-60x45

    Burnshield Dressing 600mm x 400mm (24″x16″)

  • burnshield-digit-dressing

    Burnshield Digit Dressing 25mm x 500mm (1″x20″)

  • Burnshield-Dressing-20x20

    Burnshield Dressing 200mm x 200mm (8″x8″)

  • Burnshield-Dressing-20x45-face-mask

    Burnshield Face Masks

  • burnshield_dressing_limb

    Burnshield Limb Dressing 50mm x 1m (2″x40″)

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