Nappies… check. Wipes… check. Rash cream… check… bottle… check. Pacifier… check. And the list goes on for all the essential items needed for packing your daily nappy bag. You’re pretty much prepared with everything you know your baby will need without a doubt. But do you have the most essential item needed for those “just-in-case” emergency situations, like if a bottle needs warming and hot water accidentally spills on your baby.

A burn takes a second to occur and a lifetime to heal if treated incorrectly. Burn injuries are on the increase where 50% of burns occur in the domestic environment, and burns are the most common external cause of death in children younger than 4 years old (the common cause: hot water / scalds and electrical burns).

When you are out and about with your baby, have peace of mind with Burnshield in your bag. Compact, light-weight and sterile, Burnshield has a range of Hydrogels that will conveniently suite your space, time and pocket. We agree that initially when burnt, to run cool water over the affected area for 20 minutes, however, when out and about who really has access to sterile running water and for that time period. (Getting a baby to stay relatively still during a nappy change is tough enough).

Burnshield® is a remarkable Sterile hydrogel product, which provides the essential physical protection urgently required when someone is accidentally burnt. It can be used for all types of burns (fire, thermal scalding, chemical, radiation, electrical and even sunburn) and is most effective within the first 24 hour period. The key features of Burnshield® are:
Safe for use on children
Cools and Soothes – pain relief and shock reduction
Absorbs and dissipates heat – minimises burn damage
Natural anti-bacterial – minimises infection
Non adherent
Non Toxic
Non Irritant
5 year shelf life

The Burnshield® range varies from Hydrogel sprays, squeeze bottles and tubes, to dressings which provides covering and keeps the burn moist and clean.
The following items are perfect for travel, outdoor and domestic use:

3,5ml Burn Blott Sachet

These convenient pocket size sachets are for single use only and can be stored literally into any nook and cranny.

Available in:


25ml Tube

They say dynamite comes in small packages, this 25ml tube can drastically help in emergency situations. It can be used for superficial / partial thickness burns, sun burn, rehydration of Dressings and difficult to reach areas.

Available in:

  • Singles
  • Pack of 2
  • Dispenser of 12’s

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50ml Spray Bottle & 50ml Squeeze Bottle

Whether you prefer to spray it or squeeze it, the Burnshield 50ml caters to both preferences for easy use.

Available in:

  • Singles
  • Blister Pack with x1 Cohesive Soft 1 Foam Bandage
  • Inside Burnshield Burn Kits*

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100mm x 100mm Dressing

This Dressing is an open-cell foam which is soaked in the Burnshield Hydrogel and packed into a foil pouch. The foam conforms to the would area and acts as a natural covering.


  • Tear open the foil pouch
  • Remove the dressing from the pouch
  • Apply the dressing to the wound area
  • Secure with a non absorbant bandage

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Want a collection of supplies and equipment for a variety of medical treatments?

See full Burnshield Kit Range

See full Levtrade First Aid Kit Range

The Burnshield Premium Range is intended for domestic, motor and outdoor use, conveniently compact and light weight foil pouches. See full Mundial Range

Burnshield is also available in South Africa at leading pharmacies and online at

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